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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof

Good roofing for your home is crucial for giving your family a comfortable environment and also keeping your interior home elements safe. Well when you notice that your roof is leaking you need to know that its time you have it replaced. When it comes to Cokato roofing companies the home owner will incur different costs all dependent on some factors like the size of the roof and the kind of roofing material to be used. Below are some of the costs to expect when it comes to replacing a roof.


· Style of Home


The style of roofing you have in your home will determine the much you will spend when doing your roof replacement. The ranch style is usually less costly because it requires less gables and low pitches. On the other hand the Tudor and Victorian home styles have costly roof replacement because they require plenty of steeply sloped gables.


· Type of Roofing Material


The roofing material you go for also influences how much money you will spend during roof replacement. Some of the roofing materials that can be used include; tiles, wood, asphalt or metal sheets.




Tiles are generally used on the colonial Spanish type of homes and are pretty long-lasting compared to the asphalt shingles. Tiles roofing approximately costs $ 7,650 to $100,000 but the much you spend is determined by the size of the roof of your home.




Though wood roofs give the home a pretty good appearance they do not last long enough and they also need regular repairs. Installation of wood shingles cost at about $4 to $7 per square meter. Wood shakes that are a little bit more expensive than the shingles cost around $6 to $9 per square meter installation.


Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt shingles are preferred by most home owners because they are pretty affordable and also easy to install. The installation costs of these shingles range from $2.75 to $ 7.50 per square foot. For instance if you have a 1750 square feet roof it is going to cost you close to $13,000 to do an asphalt roof replacement.


Metal roof


Metal roofs are more durable than most other roofing types because they are able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. According to Polaris Roofing Systems of Flagstaff, AZ the metal roofing steel is the most affordable and it costs at about $ 5,100 to $ 22,000 during installation. Copper installation ranges from $25, 500 to $ 39,600. The lightweight aluminum costs at about $11,900 to $24,200 for installation.




The cost of to replace roof is also determined by the soffits. The soffits are normally placed under a roof’s overhang. Soffits vents usually come at very minimal costs; the cost per vent is $2 to $4. Getting a full pack of aluminum vents costs $ 150 to $200 and a single piece goes at $22.




Other extra costs that include removing the previous roof that is being replaced. The contractor installing the new roof can do the job for you at a particular fee depending on the size of the roof. For instance a simple ranch style will cost a home owner at about $500 but if the roof is thoroughly damaged it may cost the home owner up to $10,000.

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